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Conference Notes
2018 Notes from Committee Meetings

State Degree Committee Meeting, Thursday Aug, 2nd. 

Andrew and I attended the meeting.
All Areas ask if the Lone Star Check could have less checks at State. Don't think it's going to happen. State likes it the way it is.
Proficiency must be 12 months.
The state wants to help put them in the correct division. State said contact them before Area Check.
All Areas ask that 1st and 2nd Area winners be sent to state. If 1st gets kicked out, let 2nd advance. Board will vote on it. ???
Cheating on Proficiency Awards. Several have been used over and over with only the name changed. National is kicking out those. State is going to take a hard look at them.
American Degree - Babysitting will not qualify on the National level.
Give the Star points for the Interview at State. Will be talked about by the Board. Has been presented for the past 2 years to the Board. ???
Golden Horizon Award - 3 divisions. 1 teacher, 2-3 teachers, 4 or more teachers.
Scholarship check will be May 19th - 20th at Austin.
State Check will be June 5th - 7th at Tarleton.
Meeting started at 7:00am. Jerome shut if off at 8:30am. Lots of discussion that was not needed!!!
Roger Green

The information below covers what was discussed in the State LDE meeting. Klose, if I misinterpret anything please correct me.
For the most part everything that was discussed surrounded a few topics. Those would be double checking to ensure that all rubrics, examples, and rules were consistent in expectations of students and documentation. For example, in job interview, they are going to make sure that there are clear guidelines on what font, margins, and addresses should be. 
They are also going to change how portfolios are scored at state to align them better with nationals. There will be a committee that will score form table and documentations. The judges will score the 3 pages of information from the questions and references. Klose, please correct me if I am wrong. 
There was lots of discussion about Senior Skills questions. Rule changes cannot be made at this time but they were going to address not being a bully in asking questions because a teacher may be very knowledgeable on the topic.
There is a new order and start times for the state contest. Be sure to look at those when the time comes for state contest. Everything will start earlier on Friday and they are going to leave the number advancing from Friday to Saturday at 5 per heat. Time constraints on Friday are the main reason. I do have a copy of the rotation and will scan it when I get to the office and send it to Chandra. I am not positive if it is final. I am about 99% sure that it is.
The biggest thing I took from the meeting was to double check the rules and requirements for submitting information and the formatting of different documentation.


Floriculture news!  

The Stargazer will be completely eliminated from the list of plants. There still can be a Stargazer at contest, but it will be an Oriental. 

Keep/Cull-at contests: providers must use at least 3-5 stems. 

Nursery news!  Question 152 on the multiple choice test will corrected. It should be: -20 to -10.

Practicum: be sure kids know the soil requirements.

Jundging card online contest in November. Fall themed. Great way to get kids involved that may not be CDE kids. 

Thank you,



2017 ATC Notes from Committee Meetings

 Motion: Jason Woods to allow advisors to judge at area and state levels if they have a candidate in the process. High and low scores will be dropped for a Student Recognition.
Amendment: Jarzombek to not allow two teachers from the same school to serve on the scoring committee.
Motion: Barnett Amend amendment to strike out “two” and insert “not more than one”.
2nd Amendment passed viva voce
Amendment passes viva voce
Main motion passed viva voce
This motion above will replace language in 22.3 d “Individuals who have a vested of interest as a teacher or parent in the outcome of an area or state selection process may not serve on area or state evaluation committees”
Recommend to align this language with the policy language
Motion: Foster recommends the Foundation reach out to the Foundation Scholarship donors to review the approved list of majors.
Motion passed viva voce.
*Foundation should also discuss opt-out class rank and any other related requirements at this
These are what has passes Committee and now goes to FFA board to be Voted On

Danny Underwood
Danny Underwood
AST Dimmitt FFA

Rodeo Committee

Minutes from the FFA state Rodeo committee meeting    7-25-17

Meeting was called to order at 5:30pm by President, Traylor Lenz.   

Those in attendance:  Austin Large, Tricia Sullivan and representatives from the following Areas who expressed these concerns: 

Area 1:  (Jim Daniel, Cody Joe Bonds) no Concerns

Area 2:  (Kelly Doster) no concerns

Area 3:  (no representatives)

Area 4:  (Jerry Conring) no concerns

Areas 5: (Tracy Yarbrough, Laura Moss) no concerns

Area 6:  (John Denson) no concerns but appreciated the online results from “rodeo books”. 

Area 7:  (Becky Maass) no concerns

Area 8:  (Lance Thomas) no concerns 

Area 9:  (Todd Harkrider, Rainge Armentor) concerned that there was no way for a contestant to verify an entry. 

Area 10:  (Edna M. Sanchez, Juan Cadena, Lin Becerra) concerned that the bulls/roughstock were a little rough

Area 11:  (Ashley Bishop) no concerns

Area 12:  (Becky Maass & Lochie Hosch) no concerns

Traylor addressed the financials:  not sure on the final number yet but it was another successful year.  Only $8000 was given instead of $10,000 (no bareback and no qualified covered rides in the long go of Bull riding).  $1200 for the Sinton Arena, $1400 EMS, $3000 Judges, secretaries, and personnel.  We will post the payouts on the web page when available.  Explained the benefits of “Rodeo books” online results page and hopes we can move over fully to it next year.  Will help with entries too. 

Traylor explained to teachers to please spread the word to be patient on getting the contestants payout checks, they have to come from Austin Texas FFA.

Traylor explained the situation about a bull rider not covering in the long go but we invited them all to come back and ride in the short go for round money only (no scholarship or prizes).  This very specific and CLEAR verbage was already in place in our rules under rule #44 “Roughstock short round procedure”.  Discussed maybe copying rule #44 in the rule book under each roughstock event:  SB, BB, BR. 


Talked about compliments as a whole for the rodeo.  “best rodeo she’s seen yet” was a parents comment. 

Discussed locations, it’s Fort Worth in 2018 – maybe do Northside?  Or there’s a small building- a new equestrian facility near there?  Alvarado (new owners), Mesquite too far, Will Rogers?,  FW stockyards (no stalls). 

Talked about the convention recognition of the rodeo, was good on the screen Thursday night at fun night. 

The meeting was adjourned unanimously at 6:05pm.  

CDE Committee
Minutes of 2017 meeting held at ATC in Arlington

Speaking Events Committee
Proposed SDE Handbook
Minutes of meeting 2017 ATC
Recommended revisions to BOD
All –

Thank you again for attending the SDE meeting last week at VATAT conference.  The business transacted at this meeting will go to the Texas FFA Board of Directors as recommendations at the first quarter board meeting in September.  The Board may or may not accept recommended changes and may or may not make additional changes.  All final Board approvals will be sent out in an email after the September board meeting.

One note from my end:  Extemporaneous Rubric – in the meeting it was brought up that the rubric didn’t include the time deduction.  The rules posted on the speaking webpage since 1/19/17 DOES have time deduction in extemporaneous rubric and scorecard just above the Net total points.  Not sure if the committee was talking about something else or if a completely different rubric was used at the state event. (I have added these notes to the minutes)

To do before the 9/11/17 board meeting:

  1.  Extemporaneous Speaking:  It was suggested to build in a point system into the Extemporaneous Oral Communication rubric to distinguish if the speech actually addresses the topic.  This is similar to Indicator E. “Connects and articulates facts and issues”.  The Extemp. subcommittee notated below will need to either come up with a separate section G. to distinguish if topic is addressed or just reword rubric’s existing language in section E.
  2.  Sr. Prepared Public Speaking: After reviewing information Nikki Reed sent the office after the 2016 meeting, it was found that two indicators in the Sr. Prepared Response to Question Rubric were overlooked and hadn’t been changed prior to being sent to the BOD in September 2016  (All other Sr. Prepared changes were made at that time).  I am attaching Nikki’s document that was sent as well as the rules as they should be corrected.
  3.  Subcommittees below need to review the rules and rubric for the individual event and make sure everything is consistent with your records.  Please also review the General Rules.  Action taken at this last meeting is reflected in the attached rules.
Subcommittee to review rules & rubrics:
Sr prepared – Dr. Vann, Sr. Prepared
Lynita Foster
Michelle Sammon
Tracy dickens

Maggie Salem – Jr. Prepared
Paulette Aguilar
Brittany Kuykendall
Nikki Reed

Dr. Robertson – Extemporaneous Speaking
Jim Bob
Brad Barnett
Dani Lunsford

Clyde Gottschalk – Soil Stewardship
Mackenzie Allison
Jo Bonney Lecompte
Kevin Kelley

If you have any questions or if you notice anything missing/unclear from the minutes, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Thanks for all you do!

Tricia Sullivan
Student Recognition & Scholarship Coordinator
Texas FFA Association
614 E. 12th Street
Austin, TX  78701
512.476.2894 (fax)

State Degree Check Committee
Notes from Committee Meeting - Arlington ATC 2017
State Degree Committee Meeting Notes: Roger Green
Concerns: Lone Star Degree
Years of Membership - Trying to apply students that don't meet the number of semesters required.
Activities - Trying to count FFA events. FFA service activities Yes (U Can Share Food Drive). FFA Concession Stand No.
New - Area Deadline set by the Area. After a certain date no changes can be made.? ???
No changes to the Application by AET after Jan 1. Several Areas stated that the Application requirements were being changed during the year.
Record Book will be the Application. The Application will be shorter. More checks in the Record Book. ???
I don't know when the new Application will be ready. November was mentioned. ???
LDE and CDE hours are not counted on the National level.
National Proficiency
Continuing Activities okay for the final year. New activities for the final year will not be counted.
Only 1st year judges required to be at the judges training meeting.
Community Service. Same problems as Lone Star. FFA Activities no. FFA Service Activities yes.
Stars of Texas
Interview is not a Public Speaking Contest. 10 min or less. No Props (Duck Calls was an example of NO.
Correct Category before State. Some Area advanced students to State. At State they were kicked out for being in the wrong category.
Before sending to State send an electronic list to Jerome or State Office asking if they're in the correct category.
Ask Teachers, Parents and Students to not post State award winners on Social Media until announced by State.
Have a good one,
R Green

LDE Committee
The LDE Committee met and because this is not a rule revision cycle year there were several proposals that cannot be acted upon. Very few changes were made but below is an area by area list of suggestions and actions that were taken.

Area 1:

1. Consider splitting LDE's into single teacher and multi teacher divisions. This is not a rule revision year so no action could be taken on this. Dr. Ulrich did say that when we are in a revision year (2021) to please bring a detailed proposal as to how we can accomplish this at SHSU.

2. There are still some inconsistencies in the parliamentary guide.
? Please make a list of any inconsistencies you find and email them to Dr. Ulrich as soon as you find them.?

Area 2

1. Revise the PR Questions so that they are all different and do not overlap and NO 2 part questions. This passed unanimously. Also the audience for PR this year is members of the media.

?Area 3

1. There has been some confusion on how many points should be taken off for being over time in contests. Could a chart be included in the rules and judges packet for reference? This passed unanimously. An example of the chart for Chapter conducting would look like:

Time Allowed: 20 Minutes

20:31, Minus 10
21:31, ?Minus 20
22:31, Minus 30
23:31, Minus 40

Area 4 - None

Area 5

1. In the ADVOCACY contest: There is a problem with students handing out things to the judges but there are no repercussions. Suggested adopting the language from the PR contest "Teams should only provide information to judges that is relevant to the target audience. Information/materials given to judges may only consist of ONE 8 1⁄2 X 11” paper; front and back of paper may be utilized. No material other than ink may be attached/applied to paper given to judges. No gifts will be allowed." Motion passed unanimously.

Area 6 - None

Area 7 - None

Area 8 - None

Area 9 - None

Area 10

1. Possibly add a Jr. Broadcasting event - Not a revision year, cannot add a contest.

2. Please advise judges to stay on time and not rush teams if the contest gets ahead of time. This is needed when students are competing in other events. Please ask judges to be patient and just wait for the next team to be ready or for their posted time. This will be part of the judges instructions next year.

Information from Sam Houston:

1. Gerald Young has been asked to facilitate GH & SR Chapter conducting and to verify scores.
2. Judges will receive notification with details about the event provider prior to the state event.
3. Judges will be notified that they are to allocate points for the scores not just slot teams. This is vital in many contests as judges scores are used as a third or fourth tie breaker many times.
4. Judges will walk results to the tabulating office and all math and scores will be checked and verified with the judges in the room.
5. Providers will use 3 judges to review cover letters and applications in Job Interview and another three to review resumes.

Considerations for realignment and state LDE Contests to be discussed next summer:

1. Will probably have to start semi-finals earlier since there will be 12 teams in each semi final round rather than 10.

2. Will probably only take 5 from each semifinal round to the finals just like we have done in the past.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or email me or Fud!

Thanks so much,

Jeff Klose<>

Notes from Ag Teacher's Conference 2016 - Committee Meetings

Subject: Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems (ATMS) CDE Meeting Notes

Meeting was held Monday, July 25th from 3-5pm.

 There was discussion of ATMS CDE contest and workshops related to the contest. Be looking for an ATMS workshop in January on Judging Card to be hosted at Sam Houston. Also discussion of workshops by Briggs and Stratton and Lincoln Electric for educators. I would contact your local sales rep or google it.

Dr. Doug LaVerne from TAMU-Commerce is the superintendent of the Texas State ATMS contest for 2016-2017. The committee elected Dr. Curtis Langley from Tarleton as the superintendent for 2018-2019.

Dr. Ryan Saucier (Sam Houston State University) is on the National FFA ATMS Board and will attend the meeting in January in Indianapolis. If you have any suggestion as to the next five years of Themes and Skill Area please contact him.

The theme for the 2017 ATMS contest will be Grain Handling. The Skill Areas will be:
Machinery & Equipment Systems: Grain Augers (all drives: PTO, Hydraulic, Electrical Motor, Belt, etc.)
Energy Systems: Small Compact Engines (3 cylinders or less/ Gas or Diesel)
Structural Systems: Grain Storage Facilities with Concrete Floors

There was a motion to limit Grain Augers to just PTO and Hydraulics but it failed.

The State ATMS Committee prefers to stay inline with Nationals so that the state contest will help and prepare those teams that advance to nationals. That being said the next five years of themes from Nationals will not be set until January (see paragraph 3). So the committee tabled the motion to set the 2018 theme until summer of 2017.

Tractor Tech State contest will be March 20th. The tractor at state contest will be a Kubota L 2501 HST.

If you have any more questions please give me or Robby Bow a call.

Kyle Pate
Lubbock-Cooper High School
Agriculture Mechanics Instructor
Lubbock-Cooper FFA Advisor
ph: 806-863-7105 ex 5812
fax: 806-863-7193

The LDE Committee met and had very few issues to discuss. We echo the thoughts of the CDE committee in saying read and know the rules because there have been many changes.

If you are judging, make sure and read the rules as well.  There was still much talk about getting qualified judges for contests. This starts with knowing the rules for the contests we are judging.

One of the biggest questions we have received is: “what is the topic for ag advocacy this year?” There is not specific audience anymore, just advocate for agriculture.

One big change was made at the LDE meeting which is now reflected in the new rules. Jr. Chapter Conducting can ONLY have 7th, 8th, or 9th graders now. You may no longer use a first year member if they are not in 7th, 8th, or 9th grade. This revision was made in order to comply with the new national contest where we will use Jr. Chap as the qualifier for the “Conduct of Meetings” event. This event on the national level is only for 7th-9th grade students.

As you read through the rules, if you have any specific questions please feel free to email or call Fud or myself.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

Jeff Klose

CDE Committee - We met on Thursday afternoon at corpus and had a very short meeting. I cannot convey to you how important it is to make yourself aware of the new CDE rules.

Some important notes from our meeting are:

· A&M is going to rewrite the Livestock exam, they plan to have it completed by Christmas.
· All Exams that are being updated should be updated by Jan 12th most will be done by the end of September. Be sure and check the State FFA website to get the new test.
· Ag sales and Homesite will have to be an area qualifier contest starting this year.
· If you attend contest at SHSU they will start charging a parking fee and you must park in the lot assigned, they told us they are going to cover the fee this year but a fee is coming our way to park on campus.
· The following contest will have a NEW scantron this year, be sure and toss out the old scantrons for these contest.
§ Agronomy
§ Dairy cattle
§ Entomology
§ Food Science
§ Forage
§ Forestry
§ Milk Quality
§ Poultry
§ Range
§ Wool
§ Wildlife
· In the rules package there is supposed to be a chart to help you know what clipboard and what is proper dress for each specific contest.

If anyone has any questions please contact me.


Rob Hawkins
AST / FFA Advisor Shallowater ISD

Minutes from the FFA state Rodeo committee meeting    7-26-16


Meeting was called to order at 4:07pm by President, Traylor Lenz.   


Area 1-10 concerns:          

Area 1:  no Concerns

Area 2:  (no representative)

Area 3:  concerns that the stalls were too far away from the arena which meant you couldn’t run horse back and forth to them.  And they also sold out and were too expensive. 

Area 4:  no concerns

Areas 5 & 6:  would like to see a better and faster way to be notified of who made the short go.

Area 7:  concerned about the schedule:  the barrels were ran too close together, too hard on those horses.  Try to spread it out to sun evening or tues am.  and also had the same stall concern:  too far, too expensive. 

Area 8:  no concerns 

Area 9:  same concern about the schedule on that Monday with the barrels too close.  Also the goats were not ran in reverse order for the short go like all of the other events.  Traylor explained that this was just a typo and was an oversight. 

Area 10:  concern was the dips in the ground from the tractor drag man during the 1st go.  Traylor explained he was aware of it and then went and talked to him, it was fixed for the 2nd go. 

Traylor addressed some of the concerns: 

  • The stalls were out of our control.  They were contracted to Mr. Grady and then he sub contracted people who had stalls in the area.  
  • As far as notifiying people for the short go, if we could find a way to publish/post online or on a facebook event that might reach more people.  
  • Traylor explained to teachers to please spread the word to be patient on getting the contestants payout checks, they have to come from Austin Texas FFA.
  • We weren’t allowed on the grounds Sunday evening so that is why the schedule got so packed Monday and barrels were too close together.  Also if we were to do them Tuesday am it would have been another $1500 for the A/C use.   In Sinton (if the rodeo is there for the Corpus Convention next year) we’ll start at 6pm approximately on Sunday before to run the first round of barrels. 

Craig Lenard made a motion to remove the verbage “Finals” from our rodeo to not confuse parents/contestants.  Kelly Doster seconded.  All in favore, motion passed. 


Discussed that it was confusing to have them “check in” as they weren’t checking in for the rodeo, they were just getting their convention wristbands.  It’s not a rodeo check in.  Maybe remove the wording from the website. 

Also reminder that even if you missed your first go, you can still run your 2nd go with no penalties or issues for the 2nd go.  You just didn’t’ receive a time for the first go. 

Kelly Dostser had the concern that these contestants shouldn’t be penalized with a 5 second time addition for the hat falling off.  Kelly made the motion to remove the 5 second penalty, seconded.  There was discussion on where the plane of the arena started.  Which was defined as the mouth of the arena, once the alley opens up.  The motion passed with the majority for it and with 2 objections.  Traylor will email out suggestions on the verbage of how this will read. 

There was concern expressed for the event directors to help out more.  Traylor had to line out duties more specifically when this was done in the past and it just caused for more confusion because some don’t always show up to the rodeo and then there’s people scrambling. 

Discussed locations, hopefully will be Sinton in 2017.  Then it’s Fort Worth in 2018 – maybe do Northside?  Or there’s a small building- a new equestrian facility near there?

Other business:  need to elect rough stock director.  Cody Bonds and John Denson were nominated.  Both were elected as co-chairs.

5:21pm Craig Lenard made the motion to adjourn and Kelly Doster seconded.  


Area Meeting Minutes 2016 Chandra Corse 8/4/2016 87 KB
Area Agenda 2016 Chandra Corse 7/19/2016 83 KB
Proposed Rule Changes 2016 Chandra Corse 5/2/2016 29 KB
Agenda for District Meetings 2016 Chandra Corse 7/19/2016 183 KB
Opening Closing Ceremonies rules to consider for 2016 Chandra Corse 7/19/2016 106 KB
Addition to Proposed Rule Changes 2016 Chandra Corse 5/2/2016 106 KB
Area Meeting Minutes 2015 Chandra Corse 8/17/2015 109 KB
District Meetings Minutes 2015 Chandra Corse 8/17/2015 526 KB
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