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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

I am a teacher of Vocational Agriculture by choice.  I cherish the opportunities it affords me to do something constructive for the farmers and the farm youth of America.  I know that the eyes of the world are watching me in the discharge of this trust.  I accept the challenge, and I pledge my best for rural America. 

I offer my services to all whom I can serve.  I shall always cooperate with my leaders and fellow teachers.  In turn, as long as I render efficient service, I feel my job should be safeguarded.  I do not have time to seek favors and friends to help me hold my job.  It is my business to teach vocational agriculture.  It is not ethical for me to seek the job of a brother teacher or seek advancement by foul means.  If I do the job well and my fellow teachers and leaders feel that I merit promotion, they should call me from the ranks to serve.  When I have been promoted or called to fill another man's job, I shall look for the good things he has done and speak to others only these things.  If I abide by the code and practice the ethics of my profession, I shall expect the same treatment from others.  My work is my life - I have given the best that I have to make the most of my opportunities.  I shall cooperate with others to safeguard its interests for others as well as for myself. 

--W. E. Williams

(Gerald Young told me he thought this was written in the 1940's, but wasn't sure.  He thought this teacher was from Arkansas.  The revised version can be found in your VATAT diary.)



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