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Attached are the 2011 letters to IRS from Texas FFA Association allowing use of the Group Exemption – 0776 and the National Group Letter (for states and affiliates).  Please note the National Exemption letter is dated 6/21/10.  This is due to the fact National updates their exemption yearly.  Therefore, this letter is still in effect. 


Please forward these letter onto your District Treasurers to be used when they file their 990-N, 990-EZ or 990 forms.  The National letter should be replaced when National receives their update in 2011.  The Texas FFA letter should be kept as a permanent document.   This should fulfill all IRS requests.  Please note on the Texas FFA Association letter, page two is a list of all District EIN numbers.  These numbers are good for Area and District only and not to be shared with other entities.


 Thank you for your assistance. 




Pat Fancher

Texas FFA Association

614 East 12th Street

Austin  TX   78701-1908


District Income and Expenses Chandra Corse 1/9/2012 107 KB
Area Coordinator Worksheets Chandra Corse 1/9/2012 87 KB
IRS 501c3 Chandra Corse 1/9/2012 33 KB
IRS Group Exemption Letter Chandra Corse 1/9/2012 33 KB
Area & District Letter to IRS Chandra Corse 1/9/2012 128 KB
Area I EIN Info Chandra Corse 1/9/2012 13 KB



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